Are Professional Matchmakers Worth The Money?

Lotte Ditzel | Sunday 22 August 2021

Are you thinking of hiring a professional matchmaker but not sure if they are worth the money? We have put together four reasons why you should consider hiring a matchmaker.

Firstly, professional matchmakers like Infinity Relations have a better dating pool

Unlike dating websites and apps where anyone can sign up irrespective of their relationship goals, only singles who want serious commitment go to professional matchmakers. Most times, they build up their dating pool through referrals from happy present and past clients. What’s more, they meet their clients in person during the intake process to find out who they are and understand their dating needs. 

Secondly, matchmakers offer better quality and safer dates 

Aside from doing a background check before approving any membership application, they are also experts at matching like-minded people. Professional matchmakers will get to understand your personality, values, philosophies, and the qualities you are looking for in a partner and use this information to set you up with the most compatible person.

Dating for long-term success

Another reason why singles opt for professional matchmakers is that it saves them time and money in the long run. When you consider the cost of signing up on multiple dating sites, the money you spend on dates, and the time you waste meeting people that are far from what you want, you would agree that hiring a professional matchmaker is worth the money. 

Lastly, most matchmaking agencies offer add-on services like getting you an appropriate venue for dates, relationship coaching, and following up with you after a successful match to help you build a lasting relationship with your newfound partner.