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You sign up with an agency that has your potential love in its database. If you recognize yourself in the profile of our clients, then you are probably a good match for us. The clients of Infinity Relations are entrepreneurial and educated singles for whom location is less important. On the one hand our customers are Expats who came to live in the Netherlands, but still travel a lot. On the other hand, they are Dutch and Belgium singles (famous people, people with a higher social position and successful entrepreneurs) who are internationally oriented. They often have a second home abroad (Ibiza) and are looking for someone who fits into this lifestyle. Namely someone who enjoys (spontaneously) staying abroad for a few weeks or months. Above all, they are people who have their lives in order and love depth & quality. They dress themselves well, are fit and sporty, but can also enjoy a lovely dinner with delicious wines. They often have no lack of attention, but finding the right one is difficult. That is why they choose a quality agency and not an online dating app. Our clients are looking for an equal relationship. 

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