How it works

We are Thé Matchmaking Agency for global leaders, expats and successful entrepreneurs in the Netherlands, Belgium & Ibiza who are looking for a special person they can share their beautiful lives with. All our members are expats, global leaders and successful business people who are looking for serious relationships. To ensure we meet your expectations of finding Infinity Relations, we carry out initial screening, validate each member, and ensure they meet our eligibility criteria before approving their membership. With Infinity Relations, you are sure to find a compatible partner who matches your lifestyle, values, and personality. 

What you can expect you’ll find below.

Your Journey

Call & personal interview

Step one is completing the application form. We will review your information and schedule a first phone call to hear what you are looking for. If your requirements match our service and selection criteria, we will schedule a face-to-face interview. This would usually be a personal meetup with Lotte and Saron at your home or any location of your choice. The first personal meetup is always free of charge. We’ll ask you questions to learn more about your personality, goals, values and philosophies. We’ll also discuss the type of partner you desire and what a happy and healthy love relationship looks like for you.


Finding your perfect match. We will start searching your ideal partner using the matching criteria we discussed during the first interview. We’ll identify singles that fit your description of a perfect partner by evaluating factors like physical appearance, personality, values, relationship goals, emotional availability, and more.

Meet your Match

Meet your match in The Netherlands, Belgium or Ibiza! After identifying a suitable partner, we’ll share the personal profile with you. This would include their recent photos, comments from us and other relevant information that would help you make an informed decision on whether to pursue the match or continue our search. Unlike other matchmaking agencies, our search for a perfect partner goes beyond our database. We’ll headhunt elite singles at high-end business clubs and through our exclusive business partners. We always plan the first date and we'll make a reservation at a nice wine bar or a romantic restaurant.


We will follow up on you and your match privately to discuss how the date went and how you would like to proceed. At this stage, we will also provide personal coaching on how to improve your life and build a long-lasting relationship. Did you have a nice evening but the sparks didn’t fly? Then we will continu our search straight away and come back to you with a new Match. Looking for dating advice or could you use some dating tips? Be sure to ask us!

Get to know us!

The perfect match begins with an initial consultation. Leave your details and we'll contact you by phone within 48 hours. This way we'll get a picture of who you are, what you stand for, and what you are looking for in a relationship.

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