Matchmaking for expats and global leaders in The Netherlands

Lotte Ditzel | Friday 20 August 2021

Have you just moved to the Netherlands and looking for a perfect partner you can share your life with? Are you an elite, international orientated Dutch single struggling to find a soul mate? You are not alone. Finding long-lasting love is hard, and it is even more challenging for expats who are busy, have high taste, and don’t have the time to headhunt. 

The good news is that there are still some ways to meet elite singles like you who are looking for serious commitments. In this post, we’ll share some experts tips on how expats can find long-lasting love in the Netherlands.

Hire a professional matchmaker

The best way for expats to find love in the Netherlands is by engaging the service of elite matchmaking agencies. They can save you the time and stress of searching for love by bringing you the ideal partner. These agencies have in-depth knowledge and experience headhunting for elite singles and bringing their clients matches that are compatible with their personality and values. 

Online dating apps

Online dating apps and websites are becoming more popular in the Netherlands, and lots of singles are using these platforms to find serious relationships. As an expat, we recommend that you opt only for online dating apps that verify their users’ information and offer you a lot of privacy. Though these platforms can be helpful, you should note that they can also be time wasting as you may have to surf multiple profiles and set up several dates before finding your perfect match. 

Find expat groups and clubs near you

If you have some time on your sleeve, you can check out expats groups and clubs in your local area. This will help you widen your social circle and increase your chances of meeting like-minded singles. Whatever your interests are, we are sure you would find a suitable expat club or group in the Netherlands. 

Have any questions or need help finding love? Meet Infinity Relations! One of our professional matchmakers will meet you and help you find your dream partner!