Intelligent, funny and charismatic woman seeks a handsome partner with an international mindset

Female | 40-60

Facts: 46 years old, living in Amsterdam (city center)

She is intelligent, funny and charismatic. She has medium length blonde hair, blue eyes, a slim build and is very attractive. She is British, from London.

She has always been interested in the arts, especially music and theatre and initially wanted to be a professional dancer. When she was 14 she was lucky enough to do work experience with a world-renowned musical theater producer in London’s West End.

She studied politics and german at university and after graduating returned to London to work in financial services. She did that for a couple of years and then at 24 years old she decided to take a year off to travel the world. When she returned to England she went back to work in the City of London and built a successful career in finance (sales). In 2022, she made the decision to move to the Netherlands and immediately fell in love with Amsterdam. This is where she now lives, in a beautiful house in the heart of the city, and is very happy.

Her career continues to be rewarding but she is very content with the better work-life balance that she now has in the Netherlands. She enjoys a good balance between being fit and healthy but also finding time for good restaurants, excellent wine and fun. She is sporty and likes to try most things; at the moment her focus is the gym and running.

She would love to meet a partner who has an international mindset, is easy-going and intelligent, is passionate about what he does and is strong/well-grounded. He should enjoy the good things in life, but also maintain a healthy lifestyle. Just because she doesn’t have children of her own does not mean he should not have children. On the contrary, she would enjoy it, and would be involved in his children’s lives as much or as little as both he and his children wanted her to be. What her future partner gets in return is a very loving, social, loyal, warm and funny woman with whom life would be a good balance between peaceful relaxation and fun/adventure but always knowing there is a warm welcoming place to come home to.

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Intelligent, funny and charismatic woman seeks a handsome partner with an international mindset





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