Creative, intelligent and adventurous woman seeks internationally oriented man

Female | 30-40

Facts: 38-years old, currently residing in Amsterdam

A warm, intelligent and feminine looking woman, currently living in Amsterdam. She has a good-looked after appearance and with her green eyes, long hair, she is a very warm and attractive presence to behold.

Raised in The Netherlands and Belgium, she moved to the USA at the age of 18 to pursue a degree in International Business and Design. Subsequently, she lived and worked in London for 10 years where in 2015 she co-founded an interior design agency specialising in Home Staging. After a number of successful years, the company expanded into interior projects and various countries within Europe.

With her experience in leadership, her eye for detail, creativity and her ability to listen to people, she decided recently to shift her entrepreneurship to an entirely different sector: the Food Industry. She considers it crucial to continue to develop herself, embrace new challenges, and pursue her passion to make a positive impact on the world in the future.

She greatly enjoys her work but has also found a good balance between her professional and personal life. She has a passion for travel, enjoys physically challenging adventures (especially outdoors/hiking), and cherishes the cosiness of her home (where her dog awaits). She loves opening her home to friends and family for dinners and drinks and is a music and festival enthusiast (from techno to jazz). Additionally, she is active, goes to the gym, engages in cycling, padel and skiing and enjoys long walks with her dog. She also takes time for herself however, particularly through self-development, yoga, meditation and spirituality.

She has been single for 1 ½ years and is open to find love again. She seeks a man who is driven, knows what he wants with a willingness to grow together. Good communication, open-mindedness and an interest in self-development are important. He is passionate about his interests, proactive, adventurous, not tied to one place, and wants to have children. She values youthfulness, a good sense of humour, and authenticity over perfection. Internationally oriented is preferred and / or expat as well as spiritually open-minded.

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Creative, intelligent and adventurous woman seeks internationally oriented man





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