A driven, authentic, beautiful lady is looking for powerful and pure man by her side

Female | 40-60

Facts: 42 years old, 1.68m tall and lives in a beautiful self designed villa in the surroundings of Antwerp

A driven, authentic, honest and enterprising lady. Proud mother of two boys. An elegant, feminine lady to look at, with her warm brown eyes and full bunch of half-long brown hair. You immediately feel at ease, she makes contact very easily and has a cheerful energy.

She started her career at a law firm. But entrepreneurship is in her blood and it kept itching to start something for herself. With a talent for leadership, working in a solution-oriented way and creating structure, she exchanged her job at age 30 for her own (exclusive) store in Antwerp. She sold her business 5 years later to an exclusive fashion brand that wanted to take over her highly sought after location. Meanwhile she has her own company as an Interior Designer for which she invents and executes the most special and diverse concepts and styles. She is rightly proud of this development!

She has an enormous passion for Ibiza, where she has now also found a home. She is pure and caring, but also has strong communication skills and a lot of spirit. An independent lady who has learned through her life experience to stay true to herself and to enjoy life. She likes to go out for dinner or a glass of wine with her friends, and she also enjoys the presence of her children immensely.

She is greatly looking forward to having a powerful and pure man by her side. He may be successful, but still modest and ‘normal’. Living a nice life together, each with their own passions and being able to encourage each other in that. A complement, doing fun things together and being each other’s rock. He is tall (>1.83), has children and is not necessarily bound to the Netherlands.

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A driven, authentic, beautiful lady is looking for powerful and pure man by her side





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