Independent, adventurous young lady is looking for an adventurous man with an international mindset!

Female | 30-40

Facts: Female – 38 years old – living in Amsterdam

She’s an independent, adventurous young lady. An easy talker, born in West England and now living in Amsterdam for six years. 

After her graduation from the University she got to work as an Analyst for several companies in the U.K. and moved to the Netherlands for her position as a Lead Commercial operations analyst. She is an intelligent lady, analytical, pragmatic and consistent. Despite her very grounded approach she’s a social Lady and likes to network and get to know new people. 

She loves food and cooking and likes to look for good restaurants, preferably as diverse as possible. She is active and sporty. Hiking, canoeing, skiing, tennis and (in her own words, not floaty) yoga. She also likes to go on an active holiday with a lot of history and local culture with the occasional day at the beach relaxing. Museums, comedy performances and fine dining are part of an ideal city break. 

Besides all that she has an interest in the property market, likes to renovate her apartment and likes animals. On weekends she likes to drink a glass of wine or a good cocktail with friends, after having spent time on a hobby during the day. She has a witty and dry sense of humor, often leaving her company in high spirits.  

A man who would make her happy is intelligent, has an active lifestyle, is creative and adventurous. He has an international mindset and doesn’t need to stick around at one place for the rest of his life. He is also open to the possibility of starting a family in the future. 

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Independent, adventurous young lady is looking for an adventurous man with an international mindset!





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