Why personal matchmaking is a must for MEN

Lotte Ditzel | Sunday 13 February 2022

Yes, you read it right. A matchmaker. “How so?” you may be thinking. A successful man, with a good sense of humor, impressive looks and a good set of brains, who prefers matchmaking to personal hunting….

Dark blue tailored suit, handmade Italian shoes. A charismatic head with an impressive head of hair. His beeping Iphone lies on the table in front of him, the emails keep pouring in. Calmly he takes a sip of his espresso, while he goes through the latest financial news. He has made an agreement with his secretary that he does not want to be disturbed before ten o’clock in the morning. The first hours of the day are for himself: exercise, meditate and then have a healthy breakfast. Just recharge before the daily rat race starts again. As CEO of a fast-growing company, his life is hectic and his schedule is usually overflowing. The screen of his phone lights up: an incoming call from that nice date from a few days ago. He grabs the iPhone and a smile appears on his face: time is made for his new love. And that new love, he got to know thanks to his personal matchmaker.

Yes, you read it correctly. A matchmaker. “How so?’Can’t he do that himself, then!’, may come to mind. There seems to be another stigma attached to it: a man who enlists professional help to find the love of his life. A few think it’s an act of weakness, a kind of loss of face. For women it seems less strange to hire a matchmaker: they are usually used to getting advice from their loved ones and talking a lot with friends, a personal matchmaker is simply considered an extension of that.

For men, the threshold therefore seems higher, which is unjustified. After all, it is precisely logical for a confident, successful man to go for a matchmaker. With regard to other aspects of his life he also chooses the very best: to keep fit he has a personal trainer, to look good he has an experienced tailor and the design of his new house he leaves to a much vaunted interior stylist. Then it is really only logical that in terms of his love life he is not satisfied with less. Instead of going on the hunt himself, he leaves the arrangement of a date to a professional. Smart, because this prevents unnecessary waste of time and increases the chances of success in love.

In America, personal matchmaking is now the most normal thing in the world. The country is at the forefront of this type of service. From personal shoppers to daily dog walkers, Americans are not afraid to outsource certain tasks. And that includes the personal matchmaker. It has nothing to do with the customer’s inability or unwillingness to find a date himself. No, on the contrary: if you choose a matchmaker, you show that you know what you want and that you won’t settle for less. And that, in turn, makes you more attractive to a future love. The perfect win-win situation!