Relationship mediation for highly educated singles

Search for a partner? we are there for you!

Relationship mediation for highly educated

Our passioned DTNG team has years of expertise with relationship mediation for highly educated singles. Let us help you with your search for a partner.

Our relationship mediation: we work hard for you to find the perfect match. We guide you through the process, we introduce candidates to you and we have contact at least every two weeks to find out how you are doing and to discuss progress.

Finding a partner is the most successful in the right age group, so first choose your age below:

DTNG.’s approach is reliable. We are transparent and value integrity and honesty. We invest in our contact with you, are open to what you are looking for, and handle your information discreetly.

Our decisiveness is demonstrated by our proactive attitude. We come up with proposals, we ask questions, and we think along with you. And we expect the same from you. We ask tough questions and you can do that too.

We are critical about how we work and with whom we work. We ask you to invest time and money and engage 100% with the process. Which means we are not the right choice for everyone. If we do not believe in the chances of success we’ll make that clear. In that case we will not start the matchmaking process.

Our team of relationship agency DTNG consists of enthusiastic matchmakers who reinforce each other and share a passion for love. Every matchmaker has their own expertise and focus area.

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