Nicole Recter-Vermeulen

Matchmaker and Coach

Distinguishable by: Goal-oriented, tactful, open and honest communication, optimistic and motivating

Focus on label: 30-40, 40-60

About Nicole

People give me energy! Gaining someone’s confidence enough to be permitted to listen to their personal story and then think along with them is a huge compliment for me every time. Through combining my work experience in coaching, recruitment and psychology, taking the leap to becoming a matchmaker was easy. Now, I’d like to use my experience to find the best love match for you. I can also provide you with the right guidance in the dating process, should you need it.

I like to start working from a solid base. The better you know yourself, the better you understand what you really think is important, and who you’re looking for. I’ll help you with this. An open and honest intake, in which I will ask you interesting and fun questions, will lead us to your unique profile. I’m 100% involved, so I would love to celebrate a successful match with you!

Love motto: Let love rule!

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