Long Distance Relationship Visa Netherlands – What to take into account?

Lotte Ditzel | Tuesday 02 November 2021

Little by little, the Netherlands is opening up again to foreign visitors who want to travel to our country with a Schengen Visum. This is good news for Dutch people with, for example, a foreign partner or long distance relationship.

Whether you can travel to the Netherlands depends on your situation

Special conditions may apply to your travel to the Netherlands, or you may need a visa. Travel from a ‘red’ country to the Netherlands is not allowed, but for people with a long distance relationship an exception is made. But there is a lot to arrange before your love can come to the Netherlands. Let us help you out.

A foreign partner requiring a visa can come to the Netherlands for a short or long stay, provided he/she meets a number of conditions. 

  • When a foreign partner comes to the Netherlands, it can be for a short stay (up to a maximum of 90 days) or a long stay (up to a maximum of 5 years or indefinitely).
  • You are living and residing in the Netherlands yourself at the time your partner wishes to travel to the Netherlands.
  • You and your partner have a relationship of at least 3 months.

These are just three of the conditions, we advise reading the official statement from the Dutch Government on the Temporary Arrangement for Partners in a Long Distance Relationship.

Perhaps even more important: how do you survive a long distance relationship in times of corona?

We know this is not an easy task. In the beginning it may have been enough to video call, write cards and keep in touch every day, but now more than a year later you long for more. And that’s only natural. 

Many long-distance couples were accustomed to organizing frequent in-person visits with their partners prior to COVID-19, but the closing of both state and national borders has left planes grounded and couples stranded. The capacity to communicate and sense an attachment from afar, as well as trust, are essential. It’s not the same as being physically with someone, and during COVID-19, many have shown a need for that connection, which has been referred to as “skin hunger.”

You could turn on your computer and cook together, or you could listen to music. It’s as if you’re physically together, so use your imagination!