Dutch Dating Culture Explained – Dating a Dutch

Lotte Ditzel | Tuesday 02 November 2021

The Dutch are often labeled as stingy. But according to the research of LoveEconomy, this isn’t all that bad. It shows that the Dutch are relatively generous when it comes to dates. The research shows that the Englishman is the most generous dater, then comes the Dutchman.

Contrary to popular opinion, not all Dutch women are tall and blonde, and not all Dutch guys will make you ‘go Dutch’ and split the bill, or send you a Tikkie for the extra drink you had on your first date.

Despite the fact that each person is unique, Dutch people appear to have distinct behavioral tendencies. When you behave ‘normal,’ you are already crazy enough. According to a well-known Dutch proverb.

When it comes to dating, the Dutch prefer to keep things lighthearted and allow things to unfold gradually

Dutch flirting: you may argue that dating etiquette in the Netherlands is less formal than in the United States, Russia, or France. To begin with, there are fewer dating ‘rules.’ Also, rather than following a set of rules, people act on instinct. Playing hard to get doesn’t work in the Netherlands because Dutch men and women admire honesty and efficiency. 

The Dutch have a reputation for being direct, forthright, and down-to-earth, and this extends to dating. Unlike in certain cultures, where the guy usually starts the first date, in the Netherlands, it is not unusual for women to initiate the first date. Gender equality is strong in the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands dating culture, you’ll quickly notice that…

The Dutch appreciate deeper, purposeful conversations far more than small talk. Because of their honest approach to dating, they may ask you personal questions or seek your opinion. Your Dutch date is curious in your thoughts on these topics in order to see if you are compatible. When dating a Dutch man or woman, you might find their honesty refreshing.

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