Dating International – what to look out for? 

Lotte Ditzel | Friday 29 October 2021

When dating someone that matches your personality or interests, you feel happy and you might even feel understood. There is something so magical about going out to dinner with someone you’re interested in and just have a chat. You realise that’s really all you need. You immediately feel cheerful, energetic and you radiate this feeling as well. Let’s say you have had a bad day at work, we all have! Seeing someone can help make you feel better, even if it’s just for advice, some uplifting words or a hug or a kiss.

Dating means something different to each of us. What it has in common is planning fun things together. Going to the movies together or trying a new restaurant or museum.

Love and friendship know no borders or nations. 

Our multicultural society makes it more and more likely that while dating you will connect with someone from another culture. Cultural differences between two people in a relationship can be both, a blessing and a curse. For example: if you both have different passports and nationalities, you probably speak different languages. Which can be a lot of fun, learning a new language. But take into account that you’re probably not able to be as funny or witty in your non-mother tongue! 

It sounds like a negative aspect of dating international, but it sure isn’t, getting to know each other, and at the same time getting to know a new culture is one of the best things there is.

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Intercultural and international dating can be a rewarding challenge

Especially if you and your partner are willing to work through your differences. Imagine how much richer your cultural knowledge would be if you opened your heart and mind to the wonders of a foreign culture!

Suppose you meet someone from Russia, Spain, The US or England and you two like each other a LOT! You might then ask yourself the following 4 questions:

  • Are the two cultures compatible?
  • Where will we be living?
  • How will we raise possible children?
  • What is the role of both of us in our relationship?

It may be a little bit frightening to open up and acknowledge that you’re looking for the one, but it’s just as exciting for the person you’re dating. Approach your date with a genuine desire to get to know the other person better. Our advice? Just go for it!