Sensitive, passionate entrepreneur seeks an attractive, feminine lady who loves to travel

Male | 40-60

Facts: 49 years old, living in Amsterdam

An intelligent, driven and artistic man. Born in Mexico City and moved at the age of eight with his mother to the US. He developed strong friendships and looks back positively on his childhood.

He has two great passions; art and history. It was therefore a logical step for him to study Art History at the University. He took a semester in Europe during his Bachelor’s, after which he was amazed by all the treasures that historical Europe carries. Once back in the US, he went to work as an Art Director and photographer for a large publisher after which he switched to a totally different and more technical company. In 2004, together with a business partner, he started his own company (in technology). Today, twenty years later, the company has made great (successful) international strides and it is impossible to imagine the market without it.

During the pandemic, he discovered that he wanted to do more with his passion for art and architecture. He visited Amsterdam and fell in love with the city and Dutch culture. In 2022, he decided to move to the Netherlands for good. He is living in a beautiful place in the center of Amsterdam. He enjoys learning the language and immersing himself in Dutch culture. In addition, he enjoys being in nature; cycling, walking and hiking. He also enjoys going out for photography, visiting art galleries or having a bite to eat and drink out of doors.

He has been in a long relationship in the past, but he has no children. He did not and does not think the ‘father role’ suits him. He greatly enjoys his freedom and the spontaneity to go wherever he wants. Now that he is completely settled in the Netherlands, he is very much looking forward to sharing his nice life with someone again. Of course, it is a big advantage if his future partner also likes art and architecture, but it is even more important that she has the freedom to travel, just like him. He falls for a not too tall woman with a normal/slender build, who is both comfortable without wearing a lot of make-up but also enjoys making an effort to make herself beautiful when they go out. A lady with whom he can share his interests and experiences and who dares to be vulnerable. A gentle, sweet and enterprising lady who wants to discover the world with him. He finds it very attractive if she is passionate in the things she does.

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Sensitive, passionate entrepreneur seeks an attractive, feminine lady who loves to travel





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