Positive, beautiful and strong woman is looking for a true soulmate!

Female | 40-60

Facts: 56 years old – lives in the south of The Netherlands

A sincere, driven, sweet, intelligent, powerful, independent woman with a beautiful open appearance. A handsome appearance with her half-long blond hair, slim and feminine charm! She has older children and she lives in a spacious stylish detached house in a quiet natural area.

After her studies, she started a very impressive career, in which she worked mostly at director levels in the field of HR & Talent Development. A real self-made career tiger who, with her sincerity and emotional accessibility, proved to be an enormous talent within her profession. She has a natural interest in and respect for the choices of people and strongly trusts her inner voice. She is aware that not everything can’t be explained by head. Ten years ago she started working on a self-employed basis as a transformation coach, combining her business knowledge, management experience and strong intuition.

She is a positive and strong woman and enjoys her life immensely! Sees her energy, perseverance and passion to get the best out of everything as a wonderful tool to encourage people to rise above themselves. She is regularly in her second home in Spain or at the waterfront in Zeeland. She also enjoys golfing, modern art, skiing, cooking, hiking, cycling, sightseeing with her convertibles or motorboat and socialising with friends. She has a luxurious but conscious lifestyle, with a healthy diet, sufficient exercise and no smoking.

She is looking for a true soulmate who is self-conscious in terms of life vision, choices, mindset and nutrition. A confident, authentic man with class, humour and strong personality who dares to follow his heart and considers his intuition as his best counselor. She enjoys an in-depth, connecting conversation in which you strengthen, inspire and reflect each other, but also wants to laugh a lot, go on wonderful walks and beautiful trips together. He is intelligent, sporty, well-groomed and enjoys the good and beautiful things in life and fits her holistic view of life in which stimulating and trusting your own immune system is self-evident. She longs to share a lot of love, in all respects, with each other, but also space for her own life. A big plus when he is tall and like her likes to play golf and puts the priority on enjoying life, in addition to using his talents in work that inspires and makes him happy.

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Positive, beautiful and strong woman is looking for a true soulmate!





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