Intelligent, pretty lady is looking for a confident, warm and attractive man

Female | 40-60

Facts: 41 years, 1.63m tall, lives in Antwerp

An intelligent, driven and curious lady. She makes a warm and open impression with her sparkling blue eyes and blonde hair. A lady with spirit! You can see that right away. But underneath her powerful and self-confident appearance, she is a very sociable and sensitive woman. She lives in a beautiful house in the heart of Antwerp.

She graduated from the University of Leuven and Ghent and later obtained her Master’s degree and an MBA. She works with a lot of passion and energy at a consultancy firm. In her free time, she likes to sing (also in a band), she enjoys cooking and inviting people over and she especially doesn’t like to sit still. She has a passion for dance, theater and musicals, works out with a Personal Trainer at the gym and also does Pilates and Kickboxing. She loves nature, traveling (she has already seen a lot of the world) and going on winter sports.

She is very much looking forward to sharing her good life with a confident, thoughtful and warm man. It is important that he – like her – is successful and driven in what he does, but more importantly that he has a good heart. Although she likes to drive a fast car and she likes to spoil herself with a nice pair of shoes, she doesn’t think material things are all that important. She could easily trade the city for a nice house in the countryside, but only when it is a joint decision. Living a nice, carefree, Burgundian life together and enjoying what the world has to offer. That is what counts for her!

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Intelligent, pretty lady is looking for a confident, warm and attractive man





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