Intelligent gentleman is looking for an emotionally mature and warm lady

Male | 30-40

Facts: 37 years and 1.75m tall

A very intelligent, friendly man. He comes across as calm at first, but as soon as he feels comfortable you immediately notice that he is extremely passionate and ambitious and can therefore inspire. He was born and raised in a large family in the Andes Mountains of Peru. His family means a lot to him. However, Peru was too small for him and he decided to spread his wings to Europe at the age of 24.

After completing his Bachelor in Science at the University in Peru, he left for Sweden in 2010 to obtain his Masters in Physics as well as in Biomedical Engineering. After making a stopover in the USA and Germany, where he mainly did research for his career, he settled in the Netherlands a few years ago. He enjoys his job and his studies immensely and enjoys going to work every day.

He is a huge animal lover. He likes to go to the zoo, but also to the theater or to a good restaurant. To keep fit, he likes to swim several times a week and in his spare time he likes to read a good book or work in the kitchen. He is very broadly interested, also when it comes to traveling.

He would like to stay in the Netherlands and is looking for a lady who, just like him, is (very) intelligent and who, in addition to a high IQ, also has a high EQ. She is emotionally mature, has depth, but above all she can talk about anything and everything. Where he is a bit more introverted, he looks for an expressive counterpart in his partner. She is flexible, ambitious, passionate and dares to dream. Physically, he particularly likes European or Asian ladies, and he doesn’t care if she’s a bit taller than him. More importantly, she is open-minded and does not judge (too quickly).

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Intelligent gentleman is looking for an emotionally mature and warm lady





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