Energetic, attractive, warm man is looking for a smiling and charming lady

Male | 60+

Facts: 61 years old, 1.90m tall, living in North Brabant (South of The Netherlands)

He is an attractive man to look at and has a warm charisma. He has been enormously enterprising since his childhood and started working at age of 20. He is currently working as Managing Director Europe for a large international company and is enjoying himself there. He speaks his languages fluently and this serves him well because he still travels a lot for work. He will continue working for now and would love to live abroad for a few months a year after that. Discovering countries and cities together with his beloved, that seems great to him.

He can be described as “a real family man, a gentleman and romantic, reliable, warm, social, honest and a real Burgundian.” He has three grown up children and a grandson with whom he has a strong bond. He has a rich social life with friends of different ages and also internationally a number of close friends whom he visits regularly. He has always traveled extensively for his work and is a true wine collector. He also enjoys going out to eat (lunch), he loves to cook (for friends and family), likes to play golf, and keeps himself fit and vital through yoga and fitness. He also loves being outdoors; the sea and skiing. Reliability and unconditionality are a given for him. Both professionally and privately, “What you see is what you get.”

The woman who suits him is smiling, well-groomed, sporty, charming, energetic and open-minded. She is femininely dressed (between 45 and 55), has style and a slim figure. She takes initiative and is active and enterprising in life. Children are more than welcome! He would love to build a future together and enjoy all the beauty that life has to offer.

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Energetic, attractive, warm man is looking for a smiling and charming lady





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