Charismatic, warm and energetic man is looking for a beautiful lady with positive energy

Male | 40-60

Facts: 44 years old –  living in Den Bosch

A charismatic, warm and energetic man. A charming appearance with blond locks, blue eyes and casual chic male clothing style. He grew up in the cosy province of Brabant and now lives in a beautiful detached house in a quiet neighbourhood in s’ Hertogenbosch.

After his study, he became an entrepreneur in the purchasing and reorganisation departments of various companies. He now has a successful company and is making huge international strides together with his business partner. He is a connector, solution-oriented and a good communicator. He knows where his talent lies and how to use it optimally. 

He has a passion for various cultures, recently he bought a second home in Ibiza and decided to settle there as well. He has a rich social life and likes it when people come over. Cooking, eating and drinking together. He is also very sporty! He is into kitesurfing, running, fitness, hiking in nature and paddling.

Making real contact is important to him. He finds it important to really know, embrace and appreciate each other. A woman who suits him is comfortable in her own skin, is enterprising, has positive energy and is communicative. He is attracted to a feminine, sporty, slim lady with beautiful (long) hair. 

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Charismatic, warm and energetic man is looking for a beautiful lady with positive energy





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