Attractive, successful entrepreneur is looking for a genuine, beautiful lady

Male | 30-40

Facts: 34 years old, 1.84m tall

A creative, driven, intelligent and adventurous man. He makes a very strong and gallant impression with his expressive blue eyes and stylish taste in clothes. He recently moved into a beautiful apartment in Amsterdam, but was born in Eastern Europe. At the age of 18, he decided to start his own business with a friend and spread his wings to America.

He started his inspired career in America together with a good friend and sold this company a few years later. Thanks to financial freedom, he took a sabbatical to enjoy this freedom, but his entrepreneurial heart kept beating. He started a new company and he recently sold this company as well. His ambition and career have now given way to focusing on his private life and a relationship.

He loves fast cars and he loves his dogs. These two factors play a major role in his free time. He likes to be active and sporty. He prefers to enjoy nature, go running and play or watch ice hockey. When he cooks, he prefers Japanese cuisine. He also invests a lot of time and energy in his personal development and considers it important to meditate and to live consciously in the moment.

He has certainly known love in the past, he has been married. He is now ready to find his true love. A lady who suits him is kind, empathetic and genuine. Although there is room for it, materialistic matters are not important to him. It is therefore important that his future partner loves people and animals just like he does. She is not prejudiced but caring, youthful, positive and internationally oriented. It is a great advantage if, like him, she has lived and/or worked in various parts of the world, is good to people around her and is a dog lover. She is an attractive lady, inside and out, not taller than 1.70m, slim, and she may have a desire to have children but this should not be a goal in itself.

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Attractive, successful entrepreneur is looking for a genuine, beautiful lady





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