Attractive, intelligent and sporty lady is looking for an ambitious man with a positive mindset

Female | 30-40, 40-60

Facts, 40 years old, living in Amsterdam

An intelligent, active and cheerful woman. She has lived in the Netherlands for 10 years and works (with a University degree) as a Global Strategy/Marketing Manager for a large multinational in Amsterdam. She loves her job, but she has a good work-life balance that allows her to focus on her hobbies and social life.

After spending her childhood in Eastern Europe she moved with her family to the United States. Her passion for international cultures and travel took her to different countries before she found her home in Amsterdam. Her youth focused on the outdoors, especially activities like hiking, camping, and cycling. Her family got used to exploring the world together and travel is still one of her favorite hobbies.

She is ambitious and driven, but also finds it very important to make time for friends and family and to expand her horizons. She often goes on city trips and also enjoys adventurous travel. She wants to get everything out of life and enjoys making new memories with the people closest to her. Her lifestyle can be described as healthy and active. She loves delicious food and the occasional glass of wine. She enjoys working out as well as going to the theater or a comedy show. In addition to these hobbies, she also likes to read and is interested in nature photography.

She is a sweet and loyal person who has a positive attitude about life. She is very emotionally intelligent and personal growth and development are a priority in her life. She loves deep conversations and has a curious mindset. A man who fits her is intelligent, sporty and has the same life goals. He likes spending time in nature and socializing with friends. A sweet man, who shares her standards and values with whom she can be her authentic self. He is cheerful, has a good sense of humor and loves traveling. He has both a high IQ and EQ, has an athletic body and healthy lifestyle. He feels at ease when communicating in English and has no children. She is looking forward to a life of travel and adventure with him.

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Attractive, intelligent and sporty lady is looking for an ambitious man with a positive mindset





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