An adventurous, confident woman is looking for a masculine man with good sense of humor!

Female | 40-60

Facts: 58 years old – living in Amsterdam 

A successful, energetic, confident and warm woman. A beautiful appearance inside and out. A ‘natural beauty’ with her long brown hair, expressive brown eyes and radiant smile, she looks at least 10 years younger than her age would suggest. She grew up in Canada in an active and intellectual family and is the mother of two young adult children.

After leaving her successful business career she started her own company. She developed it into a competitor in the market and sold it ten years later. She then started another company within the pharmaceutical industry. She enjoys her work, especially the travel aspect. In addition to being passionate and ambitious, she can be described as “warm, curious, active and sociable”.

She is an adventurous woman full of life with the ability to find humor in almost anything. She is passionate about travel, art and music and also enjoys biking, hiking and especially skiing. Dinner and a glass of wine are always well appreciated!

A man who suits her is strong, masculine, fit, confident and he is comfortable in his skin. Like her, he is young at heart, successful, he has a passion for life/adventure. He is energetic, worldly and has a great sense of humor. She longs for a deeply passionate intellectual and physical connection with a man.

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An adventurous, confident woman is looking for a masculine man with good sense of humor!





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