Saron van de Laar

Co-founder / Matchmaker and Dating Coach 

As a Matchmaker and Dating Coach, I discovered that my talent and passion is in perfect balance with what singles need nowadays. A world where we are in dire need of a ‘soulmate’, but due to differences in cultures, norms and values and knowledge in the field of dating, it can often turn out to be very difficult to find one. As a Matchmaker, I am engaged, energetic, warm, analytical, and persistent. And as a Coach, I am loyal, a good listener, committed, positive and honest. In the meantime I have several years of experience as a matchmaker for DTNG. and I have learned to think in a solution-oriented way and to switch quickly. I am sociable, have an ironclad perseverance and like nothing better than to work with people who are looking for love!

In recent years I have become an experienced Matchmaker within DTNG. Thanks to a lot of love, perseverance and energy. But also with a dream and mission to help singles outside the Netherlands, it was a logical step to start a new agency together with Lotte Ditzel. Besides relationship mediation, we focus on providing skills (for various nationalities) in the field of dating. As an internationally oriented woman I speak English fluently and I believe that with Infinity Relations we have the network to find a good match for Expats and Global Leaders! 

With my background as a psychologist I have specialised in human beings and their behaviour, especially in relationships (love, friendship and family). This has always fascinated me so much that I followed various coaching courses to keep developing and applying my skills and talent. I believe it is my mission to bring love and optimism into this world and there is no better way for me to accomplish this than with this amazing profession! I am now able to do what makes me genuinely happy and what I am good at and I am convinced that Infinity Relations can make a difference!

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