Mirjam Boer

Distinguished by: strong empathy and large network

Focus on label: 30-40 and 40-60

My passion is to connect people, this is reflected in my work in recruitment but also in love!

Throughout my professional career I have been concerned with how and why people can connect with each other. Sometimes it is the right study background, (work) experience or the right look in the eye to be able to handle a job. Each time it is tailor-made. After all, business love has to come from both sides and that sometimes means hard work.

For a love relationship I also believe in tailor-made work. Modern techniques such as swiping or licking often do not help in finding a long-term relationship. I believe that a strong relationship starts with finding self-love for the first time and being sincerely open to the other, despite the fact that he or she does not immediately meet the “list of demands”.

I live from my heart and am strongly empathetic. I really want to talk to people in order to understand what drives them. I see finding a relationship match as a huge fun challenge every time. With my large network I can directly add value. I will always be there for you to help you find love!