Lotte Ditzel

Founder / Matchmaker 

I started Matchmaking Agency DTNG. at the end of 2015. based on my mission to offer a good and honest service in the field of matchmaking in the Netherlands and to really make a difference. Meanwhile, we work with a great team of passionate and experienced Matchmakers and we help many singles (mostly Dutch) successfully find a partner. 

Over the years we received more and more applications from Expats and other international minded singles for whom borders do not play a role. This is how the idea was born: together with Saron van de Laar, we started a new agency, fully focused on Expats and Global Leaders. As the name suggests, Infinity looks across borders. Infinity: boundless in location and boundless in love. Our target group consists of expats who have settled in the Netherlands and successful Dutch and Belgium people for whom borders don’t play a role: they live and/or work in different parts of the world.

My background as a psychologist and headhunter converges perfectly in my work as a Matchmaker. I am very driven, very honest and I work from the heart. I have a great deal of knowledge of people and like to hold up a mirror to themselves in order to ultimately achieve the best result. It is the best thing I have ever done and it is great to be able to make people happy in love. I myself live – after having lived in Amsterdam for many years – with my family in Blaricum. I rely heavily on my family and I cherish the love that surrounds me. 

Love is all-encompassing for me!

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