Hans Siertsema

Distinguishable by: enthusiasm, sincere interests and positive attitude to life

Focus on label: 40-60, 60+

My life is all about the love between people and my love for life.

The person behind the individual fascinates me in particular: what does someone really think and how do you really get closer to each other. What motivates you, what touches the other and what makes the heart beat faster?

I am curious and easily expose myself. I am not afraid to show my vulnerability and to share what keeps me busy.

This makes me very approachable and therefore fit to understand and feel better  what you are looking for in finding the right partner. My enthusiasm and positive attitude to life have given me an enormous deepening and meaningful life. Love is mine: I am a privileged person and I aim to perfect your life with a real-life partner.

My background and experience are twofold: various commercial and management positions in the multinational business community in fast-moving consumer goods, and an independent entrepreneur in various sectors.

I am married to the love of my life. She gave us 2 girls and 2 boys and has always continued to work as a dentist with her own practice. We have lived in Rotterdam for over 30 years. A vibrant and lively city full of developments and actually more like a large village with many clubs and meeting places.

Enough starting points for a successful love match!