Edith van Breemen


Distinguished by: empathetic, transparent and honest. With lots of life experience!

Focus on label: 40-60 and 60+

Through my work as a nurse (where I have had several jobs in psychiatry over the years), as a nursing coach but also through my development work in third world countries, I have been able to see and learn a lot in my life. 

Originally I am socially engaged, empathetic, transparent and honest.

My strength is now that I can read people well and understand what moves and inspires them in life.

Love has also given me a lot of headaches, it has made me grow personally. I have always continued to believe in love, because what could be more beautiful?

Besides my job as a Matchmaker, I am also a mother of three grown-up children. They have grown into positive, balanced people, and I am enormously proud of that!

I live in a lovely little house in the beautiful village of Laren.